Volga is a design of straight lines, vertical walls, flat bottom, minimalistic concept, and three steps that take up the whole width of the pool. It provides an almost infinity effect thanks to the narrower skimmer. Designed following the new passive concepts of manufacturing. Available in two sizes: 8.5 x 3.80, with a flat bottom of 1.45, and 6.5 x 3, with a flat bottom of 1.40.

Our colors

At DTP Pools we are aware that every small detail counts. Therefore, our R+D+i Department has created the widest color range in the market, as we want the customization of your pool to be perfect.

Gel-Coat colors


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At Piscinas DTP we not only have the best prefabricated polyester pools, we also have the best team of advisors to help you choose the ideal pool for your home. In addition, we have created this tool for you that will identify the specific requirements that will make your choice the perfect pool..