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Piscinas DTP. Empresa lider en piscinas de poliéster

Piscinas DTP (SAT) Technical Service

Piscinas DTP carries out a comprehensive inspection and repair of swimming pools and also provides a special service for inground swimming pools. Always seeking to provide the best service and as quickly as possible.



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Offering on-site, telephone and e-mail advice, we adapt to your needs.

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Changing/repairing obsolete equipment from the filter shed (filter cover changes, seal replacements, salt chlorinator, pump, program timer ...)

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Repairing/changing pipeline laying.

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Installation of new accessories adapting these fittings to existing facilities (salt water chlorination equipment, installation of Bypass system for waterfall feature ...)

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Changing stone pavings and entire copings.

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Setting up swimming pool for the beginning and at the end of the season. Undertaking the treatment required for ensuring that the water is ideal for swimming.