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The refurbishment of swimming pools, includes all treatments, changes or works which can be performed on a surface that requires an aesthetic change or that for various causes has major damages, such as water loss, cracks or other reasons.


At DTP we are able to offer aesthetic solutions for surfaces of swimming pools affected by the passage of time and chemical-physical aggressions.


When the damages on the surface of the swimming pool have consequences in its water tightness. DTP offers pool finishes from fibreglass and resin.


DTP offers the option of a comprehensive maintenance of the swimming pools. As many as changes of accessories, update and modernisation of equipment as required.


We help you in refurbishing your swimming pool so you can enjoy it for many more years to come.


After performing our work, the waterproofing will be solved.


Specialists due to our trajectory, and offering solutions for each particular case.
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We can waterproof countless surfaces of different materials (concrete, stone, steel, etc.), there are surfaces on which it can directly apply the polyester resin and others on which it will have to apply a previous primer to the product. We can coat water tanks and food processing industries, ponds, fountains, terraces, filter shed, swimming pools, etc.
The process consist the application of successive layers of fiberglass bonded together by polyester resin, all finished with high quality paint (TOP-COAT), with colors tested for aging, to choose between white and blue sky color.


The type of repainting that can be done on a polyester surface depends on the severity of the damage that you have.
For surfaces that have only lost color, we can offer a solution that allows renewing the surface with a very fine paint that leaves the pool as if it were new (colors: dark blue and sky blue).
For surfaces that have been harmed by the passage of time and chemical products, the option is sanding the surface and then repainting with TOP-COAT (colors: sky blue and white).


Let us decorate your pool, with great diversity of vinyl, to choose for you, with different colors and shapes (all on request), as well as tiles borders.