Our renovation services of our prefabricated fiberglass pools, and also pools from other vendors, comprise all the treatments, changes, and works that may be needed to carry out on a surface that needs an esthetic change or shows a major damage, like, for instance, loss of water due to cracks or other reasons.



We can waterproof multiple surfaces of multiple materials (concrete, ceramic tile, steel, etc.). On some surfaces we can directly apply the polyester resin; on others, we will need to first apply a primer before the resin product. We can resurface water tanks and tanks used in food product transformation industries, ponds, fountains, terraces, water filtration system vaults, pools, etc. The process consists on the application of successive layers of fiberglass held together with polyester resin, finished with high quality paint (TOP-COAT) of tested and proven colors to resist aging; you can choose from color white or sky-blue.


The type of repainting that can be done on fiberglass surfaces depends on the severity of the damages they show.

For those surfaces that have just lost its color, we can offer a solution that allows to renovate the surface with a very fine paint that leaves the pool just as new (color choice: sky-blue and white).

For more severely damaged surfaces due to the passing of time and the impact of chemical products, the best option is to sand the surface and then repaint with TOP-COAT (color choice: sky-blue and white).


Let us decorate your pool with a great range of vinyl designs you can choose from, with different colors and shapes (under request), as well as tile friezes.


We provide solutions for pool surfaces that are damaged by the passing of time and both physical and chemical effects.


When the damages on the surface have consequences on the watertightness of the pool, DTP offers resurfacing coating made from fiberglass and resin.


DTP offers an integral maintenance service for pools. Also, accessories replacement, and equipment updating and upgrading.