Pool Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of our prefabricated polyester and fiberglass swimming pools or those built by other suppliers includes all the treatments, changes, or works that can be performed on a surface needing an aesthetic improvement or has significant damages, such as water loss due to cracks or other reasons.

We can waterproof a wide variety of surfaces made from different materials such as concrete, ceramic tiles (gresite), steel, etc. Some surfaces can directly receive the polyester resin, while others may require a primer before applying the product. We can line water tanks, food processing industries, ponds, fountains, terraces, water treatment sheds, pools, etc. The process involves applying successive layers of fiberglass bonded with polyester resin, all finished with high-quality paint (TOP-COAT) in tested colors resistant to aging. You can choose from the colors white and sky blue.

“The type of repainting that can be done on polyester surfaces depends on the severity of the damages they have.

For surfaces that have only lost color, we can offer you a solution that allows renewing the surface with a very thin paint that leaves the pool looking like new (colors to choose from: sky blue and white).

For surfaces that are more affected by the passage of time and chemical products, the option is to sand the surface and then repaint it with TOP-COAT (colors to choose from: sky blue and white).”


Allow us to decorate your pool with a wide variety of vinyls to choose from, available in different colors and shapes (all upon request), as well as ceramic tile borders.

Pool Rehabilitation


In DTP, we are capable of providing aesthetic solutions for pool surfaces affected by the passage of time and physical-chemical aggressions.


When damages on the surface have consequences on the waterproofing of the pool, DTP offers pool linings made from fiberglass and resin.


DTP offers the possibility of comprehensive pool maintenance, including accessory replacements, equipment upgrades, and modernization.