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Polyester Swimming Pools

At Piscinas DTP we are specialists in the design and manufacture of polyester reinforced swimming pools (*GRP). Our advanced avant-garde European manufacturing system and the most rigorous quality control enables us to be leaders in the manufacture of prefabricated swimming pools. Our products are subjected to rigorous quality controls so as to ensure that the swimming pool complies with the highest safety and reliability measures required by the EU.



Piscinas DTP, color arena playa

The immensity of the beach with its beautiful contrasts represented in one of our best-selling colours. Brings the light, the earth and the sun to your swimming pool.

Piscinas DTP, color azul cielo

Do you like to gaze up at the sky and look at the clouds? Well now Piscinas DTP invites you to look down at your feet and have the same feelings. A luxury within everyone's reach!

Piscinas DTP, color azul cobalto

The strength and richness of the colour expressed in this beautiful blue. Its impact with sunlight will amaze you every day thanks to its infinite intertwined textures.

Piscinas DTP, color azul marino

Hide in a soft, gentle marine water... If you are looking for balance, tranquillity and softness of the perfect colours, with this blue you can't go wrong.

Piscinas DTP, color verde pradera

Do you like the countryside and the mountains? Bring the colours of nature to your swimming pool, thanks to this beautiful colour full of contrasts and mixed emotions.

Piscinas DTP, color gota fondo azul

Are you an emotional person and you need to fill your life and home with details. You are surprised by the immensity of the horizon where it meets the sea and turns the sky into an unfinished painting.

Piscinas DTP, color gota fondo blanco

Because nuances are important to you. Because you do not believe that the perfection of a uniform colour is your thing, we propose this white background with bluish motifs wonder.

Piscinas DTP, color negro

You always wanted a different swimming pool, far from the conventional, but without losing the elegance of stylised and harmonious aspects. Piscinas DTP has the solution...

Piscinas DTP, color verde aguamar

And what if I am looking for the natural nuances of the ocean floor? Piscinas DTP has already thought of this and proposes this beautiful green inspired by the flora of the seabed.

From Its Manufacturing To Your Enjoyment

On this journey, your swimming pool is subjected to numerous and strict quality and safety controls. Our personnel receives up-to-date and detailed information on our manufacturing, safety and protection methods Modern technology underpins our leadership.


Piscinas DTP in its desire to surpass itself, has become the industry leader, and environmentally friendly at all times.


Our swimming pools are a single piece with a laminate structure piece. The outer layer is composed of Gel CoatIso-NPG and then is the reinforced orthophthalic resin and CPD resin based laminate. This manufacturing process makes the swimming pool a self-supporting pool.

Piscina de poliester de Piscinas DTP