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Mineral Swimming Pools

Thanks to the investment made by our R & D + I Department, Piscinas DTP has been able to apply in its swimming pools a new mineral material, with properties and aesthetics unsurpassed in the market. Furthermore, thanks to its excellent features, the resistance of the swimming pool increases exponentially. This material is not only noteworthy for its properties, but also for its beauty. Its mineral composition derives in a beautiful exposure to the light of its infinite contrasts. An engineering gem available to our clients.



Piscinas DTP, color Hielo

Beautiful white stone with which it is attempted to simulate a glacier. The effects of morning light make this swimming pool a wonder of lighting effects.

Piscinas DTP, color Sand

The sand of the beaches took thousands of years to form. Its richness of light and colour were unattainable for humans until the arrival of this material.

Piscinas DTP, color Nature

No sensation is comparable to that of nature. Its trees, its rivers and its plants radiate endless ranges of colours that, thanks to this material, you can enjoy in your own home.

Piscinas DTP, color Ocean

There is no greater vastness than that of the ocean, but what is most striking is not its size, but the beauty of its contrasts. Open your eyes under water and lose track of where you are.

Piscinas DTP, color Arcilla
Red Clay

The silicates and the water of our mountain ranges have formed some of the most beautiful natural pools in the world Now you can have your very own in your home.

Piscinas DTP, color Vulcano

Who said darkness cannot be bright. A colour which denotes the greatest of the elegant refinements and the value of the unexpected.


It is a suitable material for our specialised production process, given its low thermal expansion, specifying its resistance to thermal shocks, without risk of breaking. Furthermore, its resistance to water, salt solutions and acids make this type of mineral suitable for our mineral swimming pool.


The mineral, containing natural pigments, is highly resistant to degradation derived from ultraviolet rays, further prolonging the aesthetics of mineral swimming pools. The two types of materials of which they are composed, minerals and special resins, enable a perfect synergy, a wonderful balance between rigidity and flexibility. Thanks to its high degree of compaction the water resistance is improved.

Piscina mineral de Piscinas DTP