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Formentera Spa

Continuing with the spirit of the Formentera product range, we offer a sharper design, eliminating the curves through a framework of right angles.


We have contracted a swimming pool from this company on the recommendation of some friends. We are waiting for the permits from the town hall. Hopefully we have made a good choice although the truth is that we have been instilled with a lot of security. When it is installed I'll leave a new comment commenting on my experience.

Virginia, at piscinas.com


Sizes TECHNICAL DATA SHEET(in spanish)

For more information contact us on phone: +34 91 817 18 18 or e-mail: informacion@piscinasdtp.com

Piscinas DTP. Piscina de poliéster modelo Formentera Spa

Suelos de Piscina Formentera spa


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