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You will find the polyester and fibreglass pool model that best suits your needs and preferences. Our professionals will be delighted to visit you if you need advice in your selection.

Piscinas de poliéster
Modelos de piscinas de poliéster


Pontevedra, land of traditions, of nostalgia, of the affectionate memory of a longed-for land. We toast to our tradition and our memories.

Modelos de piscinas de poliéster


Bali is an unforgettable memory. It's a drop of water that permeates and never dries up. Our engineers didn't hesitate to give this beautiful model its name.

Modelos de piscinas


It is one of the most beautiful, inhabited atolls in the Pacific. Its elongated shape suggested to our engineers the creation of this beautiful longitudinal model.

piscinas prefabricadas


The beauty and harmony of these unique islands off the Galician coast is captured in this pool.

piscinas de fibra


The culture of Crete is sumptuous, traditional, and luxurious. Just like the marvellous stepped design created by our engineers for the pool that bears its name.

piscinas de fibra

Formentera 5

And, of course, we couldn't forget about the smaller sister of the great Balearic Islands. Equally enticing and, perhaps, even more special.

piscinas de fibra

Formentera 6

The older sister of one of the most iconic models from Piscinas DTP. Because style and good taste don't clash with the freedom of a larger space.

piscinas de fibra de vidrio

Formentera Spa

In keeping with the spirit of the Formentera line, we offer a more aggressive design, eliminating curvatures through a scheme of right angles.

piscinas de fibra de vidrio


Haiti, a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, inspired us in the design of this spacious and comfortable polyester pool model.

piscinas de fibra de vidrio


Hawaii, the island gem of the Pacific, stands out, among many other things, for the brightness of its waters and its wide and spectacular spaces. It is the inspiration behind DTP's creation of this unique model.

piscinas de fibra de vidrio


Ibiza represents a return to nature, to the primitive, to purity for DTP Piscinas. That's why we wanted to name our classic rectangular prefabricated pool after it.

piscinas de fibra de vidrio


Jamaica, a country of contrasts and joys, a perfect place to name a feminine and stylish pool.

piscinas dtp


The capital of the Philippines was the perfect name for a different model, with short diagonal axes. A synergy between practicality and style.


The uniqueness of this marvellous island has surprised all those who have visited it. Piscinas DTP wanted to pay tribute to her with this original and unique prefabricated pool design.

piscina pequeña


Menorca, special, different, the small great island of the Mediterranean. Suggestive to the extreme. Like our polyester pool model. A unique design.



Saona Island is a small Dominican island characterized by its enormous natural diversity. At Piscinas DTP, we wanted to pay homage to it with this charming model.



One of the Italian cities that reminds us most of the Roman Empire and its famous thermal baths. Perfect to identify our elegant staircase model.

modelo piscinas


One of the most coveted gemstones. Its sleek and alluring shapes inspired this beautiful model, different from the rest and with a special distinction.

piscina sencilla


Located in the Caribbean Sea, Trinidad is one of nature's great gems. That's why we wanted to give it a place in our pool catalogue.