Our swimming pools

Our swimming pools

Here you will find the model that best suits your needs and preferences. Our professionals will be glad to visit if you need any advice for your choice.

Hawaii, the island jewel in the Pacific, is renowned for, among many other things, the light of its waters and its wide spectacular open spaces. It inspired us to create this wide model that allows you to have a swim with a feeling of seamless freedom.

The singularity of this wonderful island has surprised very visitor. DTP Pools wanted to pay homage to it with this unique design.

Bali es un recuerdo jamás olvidado. Es una gota de agua que cala y no seca. Nuestros ingenieros no dudaron en ponerle su nombre a este precioso modelo.

One of the Italian cities that best represents the Roman Empire and its famous baths. Perfect to identify with our elegant model with stairway.

The Balearic capital is a sign of distinction and leadership enriched by the end less cultures that feed its land. Its elegant style is perfect for this sophisticated model with stairway.

Saona is a small Dominican island that is known for its natural diversity. We wanted to remember it through this jacuzzi that can adapt to other pools.

The big sister of one of our most representative models at DTP Pools. Because style and good tastedo not clash with the freedom of a greater space.

It could not be any other way, and we did not want to forget about the little sister of the great Balearic Islands. Just as suggestive and may be even more special.

The capital city of Filipinas was the perfect name for this distinct model with short diagonal axes. A synergy between practicality and style.