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Far from the old concept of prefabricated swimming pools, mineral pools come into being, which, exploiting all the benefits of their predecessors, apply the properties and aesthetics with mineral materials that obtain durability and a unique look. The composition of the Kerapool swimming pool is mineral and polymer.. The mineral nature confers excellent scratch, abrasion resistance very similar to that of a diamond. The beauty and resistance of a natural and unchangeable mineral for your swimming pool? It is possible with DTP technology. Research has enabled us to design a new material composed of a high percentage of mineral filler, together with high quality polymer materials. DTP has been able to combine in a unique material the properties of the GRP and igneous rocks. The result is a hardness which could be compared to that of a diamond, making it something far more than a swimming pool. It is a masterpiece for your garden, a luxury at your fingertips.


It is a suitable material for our specialised production process, as it withstands thermal shocks, without risk of breaking. In addition, its resistance to water, salt solutions and acids make this type of mineral suitable for our mineral swimming pools.


The two types of materials which make up our swimming pools, minerals and special resins, enable a wonderful balance between rigidity and flexibility. In addition its great resistance to ultraviolet radiation degradation, prolongs the underlying aesthetics of the mineral swimming pools.


The appearance of our mineral swimming pool is smooth and pleasant to the touch thanks to its special resins. As it contains material extracted from natural rocks, the different colours that are obtained due to the various effects of light on the rocks can be discerned.

Piscina Kerapool DTP

Unique Colours

Piscinas DTP Kerapool, color granito
Piscinas DTP Kerapool, color Rubí
Piscinas DTP Kerapool, color Silver-Grey
Piscinas DTP Kerapool, color Zafiro


Mineral swimming pools are completely recommended. I love the elegant touch which it confers to our backyard next to our area of relaxation.

Rosario LópezGranada

I'm very pleased with both the swimming pool assembly professionals as well as the sales staff. I was instilled with complete confidence when choosing my swimming pool.

Silvia CastañoValencia

I can't stop looking at my new swimming pool! The design and materials are spectacular. I love its colour.

Rosa EscobarToledo

I had doubts as to whether to choose a polyester swimming pool or a Kerapool swimming pool from Piscinas DTP. In the end I made a great choice! I had a pleasant surprise with the quality of the materials.

Almudena MuñozMadrid

An excellent choice when choosing a swimming pool for my country house. A sales person from Piscinas DTP recommended that swimming pool as in this area the weather conditions are harsh and the quality of the materials of the KerapoolTech is perfect for this situation. And not only that! Our swimming pool is beautiful, the colours which are discerned when the light hits it are worth admiring. We are the envy of the neighbourhood.

Alonso SánchezGijón