Kerapool models

Piscinas DTP

Kerapool is an exclusive range of pools with a minimalist design, straight lines, flat bottom, with an almost Infinity effect on the water surface due to the narrower skimmer. The coping is also minimalist, with straight edges and angles. In addition, the Amazonas and Rhine models feature an overflow.

Piscinas infinity


Piscinas DTP is pleased to announce to all its customers the launch of its new model of Kerapool Swimming Pools. Its name: Danube, just like one of the most important rivers in Europe.


Designed for clients who want to have a swimming lane in their home, with dimensions of 12.50 m x 2.9 m and a depth of 1.40 m. They can exercise without leaving their home and relax in the spacious relaxation area.


Pool with a minimalist design, vertical walls, and a uniform bottom. We highlight its three symmetrical steps, with a wide bench running along the longitudinal area of the pool.


One of the largest rivers in Italy, which has given its name to emperors, great figures, and now, also to one of our new pools. Tiber is one of our most elegant creations, designed for the enjoyment of those who appreciate the value of sophistication.


It is a versatile design, suitable for both small spaces, where design and easy installation are paramount, and large spaces, where it can be installed as a SPA associated with a larger pool, complementing it perfectly.


Volga is a design with straight lines, vertical walls, flat bottom, minimalist concept, with three steps occupying the entire width of the pool. It gives us an almost Infinity effect thanks to the narrower skimmer.