At DTP Pools, we provide answers to frequent questions regarding the manufacturing, design, and sale of our prefabricated fiberglass pools.

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It is a compact basin in a single, usually self-supporting, block, that is manufactured using a cast of standard sizes and shapes.

No. We recommend buying from renowned companies with qualified personnel. This will ensure the quality and the warranty of the pool you want to install. The output of a fiberglass pool depends on the raw materials and its transformation, the process of curation and post-curation, the design of the reinforcements, the quality control in every phase of the manufacturing process, and the tests carried out in the R+D+i Department, which allow to thoroughly comprehend the product and to improve aspects like aging resistance. The whole production chain matters and is involved in the final successful result, for you to buy a pool of the best quality.

At DTP, we provide financing services for our customers. We study your case in a personalized way; you just need to provide your last payroll, a copy of your national identity document, and a direct debit statement. We offer financing up to a maximum of 8 years. This information is not contractual.

  • Ask your distributor in case you do not buy directly from DTP Pools.
  • Authorized installers will inform you about the conditions. This information is not contractual.

From 2 to 4 days, it will always depend on the conditions of the terrain where the pool is to be installed and the type of access to the area.

Quickness and cleanness of the installation; the construction works are less compared to traditional pools.

You can visit an exhibition and see the wide range of colors and pool models.

Maintenance is easier and affordable due to the smooth surfaces. You do not need to empty them every year.

Our customers value in a very positive way the quality-price ratio of our fiberglass pools.

10 years for the watertightness of the basin for fiberglass pools in Gel-Coat finish.

20 years for the watertightness of the basin for mineral pools.

The warranty lasts for 2 years and is offered by the manufacturer in each case.

Mineral pools are the result of our desire to offer innovative products to the market and, in such way, to change the staticity of the industry. Determination and research give us the possibility to offer a different material called “KerapoolTech”. With our commitment to constant evolution and new developments, this is a wager and a great investment of our R+D+i labs to create a unique product patented by DTP. Made from mineral components, it provides a greater resistance, the highest quality and beautiful color effects with light refraction, causing a natural feeling that mimics nature, resembling sinkholes, natural pools, glaciers, icebergs…

You can choose from any of the traditional models, except for the Carolina 10 model and the models of the exclusive Kerapool range, excluding the Amazonas model.

Kerapool is an exclusive range of pools with minimalistic design, straight lines, flat bottom, and an almost infinity effect at the water level due to its narrower skimmer.

The coping is also of minimalistic style, with stones and straight angles. All models of the Kerapool range are provided in Gel-Coat finish and Mineral finish, except for the Amazonas model, which is only available in Gel-Coat.

Moreover, the Amazonas and Rhin models include an overflow system.

From the DTP pool project department, if the customer requests this service, we take care of both the project for your pool and all necessary procedures to request a permit for the installation.

No, you need to adapt to the existing models, as they are manufactured using a cast.

There are more than 30 models available, with lengths from 3 to 12.5 m.

The maintenance of fiberglass pools is very simple compared to traditional pools, as all surfaces are smooth, free of joints and other elements that prevent a correct cleaning. You can keep the water up to 3 years. It is important to use chemical products that are specific for fiberglass pools.

Yes, if we can access the location with a truck and crane.

You can contact our post-sale colleagues at 918171818 or via e-mail at informacion@piscinasdtp.com. We manufacture your pool and have our own technical support team available within DTP, with permanent employees and qualified staff all year round. Available within the warranty period and beyond.