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Piscinas DTP. Empresa lider en piscinas de poliéster

Piscinas DTP

At Piscinas DTP we are leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and distribution of prefabricated polyester, mineral and Kerapool swimming pools. Our sales network covers the entire Iberian Peninsula (including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands) and we export our swimming pools to five continents. Thirty (30) years of inherited experience, dedication and professionalism stand behind us. We offer our services with the same enthusiasm and satisfaction as on the very first day.

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Piscinas DTP DTP is a second generation family owned business made up mostly by young persons. At first we dedicated ourselves to the installation of prefabricated polyester swimming pools, subsequently including their distribution, so that at a later date the manufacture of our swimming pools. We know all the details and secrets of our business model, which confers us the option to offer our customers a professional, innovative and technological service. All this underpinned in the effort, commitment, enthusiasm, desire to improve and skill.


Thanks to the experience gained and the business model which we are and want to be, our swimming pools are suitable for customers who are searching for a quality and exclusive product. In a nutshell, Piscinas DTP manufactures an excellent swimming pool, where the service it offers and the guarantee it provides go far beyond the proposals that exist in the market. Each year, the prefabricated swimming pool sector is gaining a greater market share, thanks to the variety of shapes, finishes and, above all, rapid assembly. And we are the leading company.


Piscinas DTP, depending on each swimming pool, offers warranties ranging from 10 to 20 years. But you should also know that Piscinas DTP is the only manufacturer with its own installers. Offering customers a SAT service to solve any problems which may arise in their polyester, mineral or Kerapool swimming pools, not only during the specified period, but also outside that period. Offering a lifelong comprehensive service. How many manufacturers can measure up to us?


At Piscinas DTP DTP progress is an investment which we cannot and do not want to relinquish. That is why our R&D+i Department does not cease in its commitment to update and create new materials for our prefabricated swimming pools, as well as to improve its aesthetics through the creation of new models and colours which enable us to continue with the leadership which we currently hold in the manufacture and distribution of polyester, mineral and Kerapool swimming pools..


We bring "excellence" to your home. An excellence already endorsed by the European Union ISO Quality and Environment Certifications.


We install your swimming pool anywhere in Spain.


You will obtain what you are looking for, professionals with hands on experience, innovative ideas, unbeatable quality and price, exclusive DTP swimming pools with mineral materials created by DTP.


Having a SAT service which provides continuous customer service to our customers to meet their needs.


We are also dedicated to the polyester coatings.

Solidarios por Narices

Our business is a job that, as a rule, conjures up smiles in others. But we know how important it is to recognise the reality of many persons who suffer and live without those every day of their lives. That is why every year we participate in an initiative in which we try to make life a little happier and easier for those who suffer or have problems.

The Fundación Theodora was the last chosen to assist in our objective. We went to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and for every photograph which were taken with people with clown noses on their faces we made a small donation. The truth is that it was a great success which we hope to repeat again this year. Soon we will tell you about our new initiative!

Also, in this video you can meet the whole DTP team!


We do not stop to thank at this beginning of the year and in this case, it is due to DTP Polyester Swimming pools that for now, thanks to its #solidariopornarices campaign we will be able to visit 308 children in hospital. A million thanks

Fundación Theodora